Sunday, March 13, 2011

my lame birthday?

Listening to Love The Way You Lie Pt 2

First of all, a humongous big thanks to Ain, Aiman, Faishal and the unknown housemate Ain.

It's fated that I have to celebrate my birthday with no party, no best friend and classmates around, no family...Perhaps God want me to learn the value of grateful, not the insane jolliness of crazy party..

Here's the part where I love the way everybody lie~
I try to bash a small party, [well, of coz peoples are the one who suppose to do a surprise party for me, just ignore that fact =,=] but its just that, I am the one who wanted to share my gratefulness with everyone as for this time. So, I invited The Subway members, and some of my course mate members. I try to ask one of our favorite lecturer to join us with Super Ring as the bribe =P I expect everything to be great, noisy and happening.

Eventually, just by today's morning and yesterday, most of them gave the reason of, "sorry, no money" for not coming.

HONESTLY, "I don't need your money, I just need a couple of your time,"

Actually, aq tak kesah pon kan, saje nk emo lebeh2 smbil dengo lagu Love The Way You Lie pt 2 ni
haha =P sumpah gua x kesah but just terkilan sikit2 jaa..

~Oit, SERIOUS?! Gua touching kot! EMO ni EMO! >,< bapak emo sial aq hari ni!

So, this morning, we went to Secret Recipe for some slice of cakes, and I truly enjoy and appreciate it, thanks Ain :') Makan byase2 jer, but still happy =P

from left, aizat, aiman, faishal

Ain and her funny housemate ^^

p/s~Anyway, I share the same birthday with my pal from mrsm lenggong, Kimie and I gave her a slice of cheese cake ^^, I'm so happy that she like it!

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