Monday, April 11, 2011

IniAnwarHadi vs Kosmo!


Take this super cool popular Malaysian YouTuber as a good example. Using his credibility to influence his fans/followers and deliver the good words of Islam :)

Unlike this pathetic tabloid which down-hold the dignity of Syariah Islam with such a provocative title =,= Come on! sepatutnya kne sebat 100 kali, tpi dah dicairkan jdi 9 kali sebatan, kira cm tolerate la ckit kn. tu pon nk kecoh2 smpai si pesalah pengsan then tros heboh, "tula, sape suruh sebat2, ni la akibatnya," SERIOUSLY Kosmo?!

Acheh is the only region in southeast asia which implement the hukum syariah as official major law. As a Muslim who own the tabloid, they are supposed to support and use their power to educate the society; use their influences as a dakwah tool. Bukan nye mengadu dombakan lagi Malaysian dengan bangkitkan kontroversi yg pelik2 cmni, aiiyoo.. =,=

So, what do you think? Wake up people! One voice might not have the power to stand and fight against the bigger monster. So let us unite and voice out our thoughts in the frame of Islam. So bak kata MAHAGURU58,
"the truth must be told no matter what so that justice can live!"

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