Friday, April 29, 2011

JUMAAT:so, you're happy huh? think again~

some people are just happy living hating others,
happy on something bad is not a true happiness,
it's not a true accomplishment.
You might feel happy throwing all shits, to bring us down,
but think again~

We are not as dope as you thought,
yet, you are not as smart as we thought.

You can pretend to take us out from this deep shit
and call yourself as an ally,
you can stab behind our back
and point out your hand on fate and karma,
you can hide behind the shield of human's right,
but you're just making us stronger and mature.

You may call as a terrorist,
you may call us the religion extremist,
you may stay on top, but you won't stay for long~

Because, one day,we will rise
one day we will spread the words of Allah throughout the globe,
one day we will get our country back,
One day we will be on top, again..

But when? When??? Wake up people? wake up youth muslim! If we are living in haters, worst, hating among our own brothers and sisters, when we will get the chance to chase and plan for that glory?

Yes, you couldn't help from hating people, but as a muslim, we are forbid to deteriorate the silaturrahim. Yes, you cannot hate the person, but you can only hate his/her attitude[the kinda attitude which is against the syara'] by not doing it and take lesson from their mistakes. At the same time, pray for him/her, to let Allah open their mind and soul to accept our mistake and seek for forgiveness.

Living in haters is endless and pointless. But if you chose to, go ahead, but I can promise you won't be happy.

p/s~nway, what with the 'not all jews are jews, and not all american are american'?? hmmm..

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