Monday, April 18, 2011

tanda Allah masih syg & ingat kita :)

OMG this is like the 2nd time I told people the same thing, and they misunderstood/misinterpret it. I'M SOOOO SORRY [alia, &spe2 yg prnah terase =P]!!! Perhaps it's my fault for saying it at the wrong place, wrong tone or expression, so let me clarify it~

I don't want you to feel moody or disappointed when you fall sick. The reason why I said so is to boost up your emotion, telling you it's okay to fell sick. Because it's God's want, to test you, to clean you from small sins, and to measure your level of your patient.

So, don't blame yourself or others if you got sick because getting sick might not be a cool thing to you, but in Islam's lens, it's kinda cool, as if it's like a tool or platform to test your strength of emotion. Perhaps by getting sick, your devotion to Allah might get increased! Isn't that rewarding?

hek eleh aizat, ko x sakit boleh la ckp cmtu kn?? tin kosong =,=

Well, I can't force you to accept my opinion. But I've been through a pain where no one would want to burden, SERIOUSLY. It was much worst then a normal flu, more than muscle cramps, more than a social downfall. I already felt how to be a handicap, so I know how does it feel to be in pain, physically and emotionally. Aigooo..time tu sumpah tension. =,= Anyhow, Alhamdulillah, I tak remain cacat kn? ohoho =P

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