Thursday, April 28, 2011

waiting for MGT paper..1 more hour =P

I didn't realize that I need to give a copy of all my assignment and test to Miss Syaliza until she text me this morning! Aigoo~dah la bangon lmbat, not even brunch for today =,= , Ow ya, and I like it when Blair went Fut-the-wuck, LOL! ^^

Can you see how hectic my life is in this exam week? naseb baek mata I x jdi mata panda mcm Nad and Nad =P

SERIOUSLY, I can't believe it's almost the end of the semester, and I'm growing older! Ya Allah, please let my iman grow along with my age!


y0Ngu falcon said...

MGT. oh pleaseeeeeeee!! i hate ok. buat jahanam result aku je. btw, gud luck utk kau! :DD

Aiza4t said...

haha MGT is like one of my favorite but tdi gua kantoi gk kot..aigooo~


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