Monday, May 23, 2011

am i crazy or what?

I'm so vulnerable currently. Feed me with anything then I'll eat it. I can buy anything that you bribe. If you let me down, I'll jump in the sea, If you sing to me 'The Climb', then I'll be fine again. I'm so anything right now.

I feel like my soul was reaped out; it's empty in here. Yet my heart is vigorously pumping the blood, hormone much rapid then normal. But it's only living dead me with brain works only to 'eat'.

My routine can be a normal apple pie life, yet I can be as busy as prime minister either. I can even sleep like half of the day if I wanted to.

"I'm special, beautiful, powerful and wonderful. But, sometimes I'm miserable, pitiful. But that is so typical of all the things which, I am."


Am I crazy or something? Call it a hunch.
You wanna know why? Because my exam result is just around the corner [which is 25th] and I'm freakin' jumpy.

And Ihsan,
thanks for this, it's plain awesome and simple which is so ME :P


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