Thursday, May 12, 2011

knape sy kurus sgt?

I wish I can have some drastic changes in my appearance, especially by gaining some weight. Look at Hil, her looks changed drastically!

This was during the Lizzie McGuire and Cheaper By The Dozen 2 era, from that boobs to no boobs, wow, now that's an extreme weight loss!

And look at her recently! This was during the premiere of Soul Surfer. She is sooooo adorable and beautiful!!!

Here's a secret, I used to have a crush on Hil cm gile nk mmpos when I was 12, mase tu mmg tak matang lagi, smpai aq nekad blajar english cm hardcore psl x nk gagap bile dh jumpe nti LOL sumpah lawak. tpi bila dh besar dan sedikit matang, then I realized it's almost impossible to meet her laa aigoo~but i keep on learning and loving the language =P

My face used to mooned with pimples, and I had a dim skin tone. Plus my hair was like dawai and bushes mess back when I was in elementary school smpai cikgu pon tegur, tak sikat rambut or knape x pkai minyak rmbut =P I don't really pay attention on how do I look, until I was assigned as class monitor, baru la nk kemas2 ckit psl kne pkai tie haha

But as for now, I'm kinda having fun, trying to look good. But there's only one thing I cannot deal with, my body weight! I'm too skinny! sampai lecturer mandarin dok ckp blakang2, "aiyoo, awat aizat tu kurus sgt?" I did lots of thing to gain my weight eventually it was all failures. =,=

I'm following the Supernatural series currently, and realized how different Jared was in New York Minutes as compared to presence.

Just look how skinny Jared was!

and how did he turn out to be this muscular hot? =,=

if he can do that, why not me?! aizat, hari2 ko kne work out! sit up, pumping pgi gym and bla..bla..bla...


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