Tuesday, May 24, 2011

perangai-perangai blogger [~~,]

"WARNING: This is my very personal thought and I really appreciate if you respect my opinions :P [trust me I'm not talking about yours] I'm not telling people to be what I want them to be, coz this is just some mere inferences. You are free to express yourself :P"


I did some blog "walking" and there are so many behavior, orientation, themes in blogging. Some of them are heavy as in contain too many widget which may took longer time to load, which I don't prefer.

but that's not the point..

What do I wanna point out here is I'm impressed with some of the blogger which treat themselves as a product.
What they are doing is marketing themselves. It's not a bad thing actually. As a business student, i think it's kinda brilliant, tho..

I'm telling ya, some of them are very high quality products; in a way that sharing their opinions, philosophy and news.

and some of them kinda give me the creeps; as in the blog is their official website for the public to get to know them in a celebrity-fan way ~~, pasal kt sidebar siap ade, "this is my personal facebook, and this is my fan page [^^,]"
I was like, "SERIOUSLY?? [=,=]"

It's COOL to share some glimpse of your life/routine, like Nad share a tutorial on how to wear hijab in a really fashionable way, or Echa keep including about Super Junior in almost every single entry ^^, This is normal, which reflects your personality :)

Tpi kalo the whole blog dok bgtao, this is me using this hair products [siap pegang letak sbelah pipi with 5-6 different picture with different product], this is me wearing contacts [dengan 4 gambaq laen2 color], this is me got bored, this is me making postcard out of my face,this me crying, this is me eating rice-ball, this is me bla...bla...blaa....3X
I mean [hey, it isn't that freak/bad], WOW I'm impressed with their level of confident in branding themselves as a 'public figure' .

AIZAT, can you shutta !@#$ up, cut it out! Or else people might misunderstood you. Just check out THIS BLOG [=P) tpi I reckon that die layak utk poyo macam tuh HAHA [^,~]
And gua jamin GIRLs konpem2 follow lepas tgk blog ni [=,~]

KO MAMPU AIZAT? haha cakap jela ko JEALOUS



faliq said...

aha..love this post..

Aiza4t said...

HAHA thanx,
ttibe je ber-inference sedemikian after some random observation ^^

y0Ngu falcon said...

yeah, mmg x dapat dinafikan kalau budak tu nak poyo gitu. gila hot tahap model kot... haha

Aiza4t said...

haha I know right, Yong!!

untungla.. ~~,

y0Ngu falcon said...

nak harap muka kita ni. x dk org pon nak pandang... wawawawa


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