Saturday, May 7, 2011

random things of the day ^^

I wanna be a rock star just right after i listened to My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless! feel like wanna whip my head back and forth!...oops, wrong song =P

The Pretty Reckless

Okay, first of all I'm not a good singer yet not a bad one jgk la kn *blah aizat poyo =,=* but hey, it happens that I'm comfortable every time I sing TPR songs.

I wrote a song already, can't wait to let Alang do the rest, *ala, die practical for the whole next semester=,=* hopefully faishal can help me ^^,

kenapa semester lepas sgt best buat aku??
You know what, lot's of thing happen last semester, and the best part was at the very end part! I get to study like hardcore fun with Yuzwan, Meor, Rider dll, get in room with my part 1 roommate again, Mirul; kadang2 Ihsan pon datang, tros jadi reunion plak LOL pstu Yuzwan kuar bajet touching, pastu bile Rider datang, kteorg plak jdi reunion mmber blik last sem haha,

I get to sing any song that I want since the GUITAR GOD just live next door, Alang! Goddamn, just give him the guitar and tell him what song, then we'll hit the stage! [erm, aizat, jgn overr=,=] PLUS, sangat best maen badminton dgn meor LOL! [okay, maen dgn rider, faishal,yuzwan,nasT,alang dll sengaje nk sebut sume =P]

and not to forget, Coffee Ritual! LOL, you name it; white coffee, nesLo, and product SMI terbaru dari Rider, Kopi Larat, duta produk, Zai, tagline, "larat ngko?". Almost everyday Yuzwan and me drink coffee, [which is not really good for health, to be exact] pastu ttibe susu pon sesat kan? ^^

learning outcomes
Well, seperti drama2 melayu yang laen mesti ade konflik aka cornflakes kan? Anyhow, bak kata Yuzwan [lagi=,=] 'pengalaman mendewasakn kita'. Here's what do I learn from those problems:
  • mendekatkan diri dengan Allah :)
  • belajar jadi penyabar, pemaaf dan tak bongkak. These values are damn important kalu tak, tak kan masuk ke syurga seseorang itu kalau dalam seketul daging dalam badannya ade hasad dan membenci saudara.
  • dah broke up ke, dah gadoh ke, it's not the reason to say no in sharing burdens.
  • berazam to have a better routine next sem.


from left; shasha and my sister umai, budak kecik tu cute nak mampos. abah call her budak jepun LOL

I think she's not a bad singer after all. It's just that people hate it when you are better than them. So, Good luck Rebecca with whatever you wanna do with ur life =P

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