Wednesday, May 25, 2011

result gua [~~,]

LOL I'm pretty sure everyone [UiTM Diploma Students] is happy/shock/busy since the result is already ANNOUNCED!

This is going to be one short post.


But the funny part is, my result this semester is as same as the first semester ^^, How can I be happy with all A except for 1 C??? [=,=] (haha finance memang kelemahan aku)

Anyhow, I'M THANKFUL TO ALLAH! I'm still in the zone walaupun agak terjatuh 'pagar' sedikit. Credit to all my classmates, and lecturers! Anda semua insan terbaik yg banyak membantu aku. Without them, I won't be smiling right now. [^^,]

p/s~CONGRATULATION to my sister for such a huge improvement. WELL DONE :)



munirah said...

dekan ek? tahniah! budak pndai. :)

y0Ngu falcon said...

congrats. ok la tu. satu je c... haha

Aiza4t said...

HAHA byase2 je..Moon, x dpt dean la psl C tu spoiler, n subje k yg dpt C tu 4 credit hours =,^

Aiza4t said...

Hehe Yong ^^


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