Monday, May 16, 2011

a trip to teluk senangin

SETIAP KALI abah ajak pi jalan2 gua mmg malas gilerr nk follow, tmbah2 lgi cameron highland, dh jdi kampung ke 2 plak,hoho. BUT EVERY TIME WE OUT FOR TRIP, I TRULY ENJOY THOSE MOMENT ^^, But this time we went to the BEACH! [instead of panjat cameron lagi haha] and it was so funny that bas uitm perlis was spotted somewhere around too LOL ^,^

This time we went to
Teluk Senangin since Abah and the higher board kt tmpat keje die [die kje ape ntah, tpi dekat2 dgn mnara kapal terbang la; that was the joke by one of my dad's friend's wife] looking for suitable place to held family day utk Malaysia Airport. Alang2, ikot le skali ^^


This is where we stay, it's somewhere not too far from the beach.

This is what they will do, every time they got to beach, EVERY freakin' TIME! hahaha

tak mandi pon, celup2 kaki jee..

I swear that we saw Mr Crab hiding his Crabby Patty =P in that hole =P

We did nothing except for enjoying the small wave dragging out feet back to the sea, digging for freshwater, and drawing on the beach, until the sunset.

At night, we enjoy some ikan bakaq kt blakang rumah. I dunno what kind of fish was it but I ate quite a lot! x penah mkn byk camtuh, even air asam takde belacan n tomato, still jalan jugak.. ^^

The next day we went to to Lumut. Trust me, the cendol was freakin' awesome! >,< But then abah and mama said there's something about the santan that make it taste creamy and stuff. Tatau la, kadang generasi X ni cakap mnde2 kte kte x paham, which is WOW. You know, something like extracting raw material out of a dish, telling the specific material what was it made of. Maybe my parent are a good in tasting food kot ^^,

Here's the 'WOW and FUNNY' part: look what I found, one of UiTM Perlis's bus was spotted somewhere at pekan Lumut haha ^,^ It was spotted along with UiTM Penang's bus.

OVERALL, it was at least something that can make this short semester break memorable to me. But it was incomplete without achik, haha xpe2, next time bila sume ade, kte marayau la lgi ek, pasal abah mmg suke melancong ^^,



y0Ngu falcon said...

best nye makan angin~~ jeles! wawawa

Aiza4t said...

haha, ok la xde la best mna, x mandi pon huhu ~,^


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