Sunday, June 5, 2011

confession of a loser

I wrote this thread like a week ago, probably the heat is gone already =,=

It’s a tiring day since the journey from Ipoh to Arau makes me puke a lot, plus my class schedule make me sick [head ache like all the time]. Plus, internally, my soul is wrecked ever since there’s no DL for last semester achievement. So I need something huge to cure the crack in my heart. What is that something?


I need to win something. IDK, enter some competitions and win it bla…bla..bla..IDK, tell me about it [=,=]

I have to admit, for the last 3 semester, my accomplishment had created a monster in me, an arrogant, big head, egoistical, and proud me. ABSOLUTELY, these are among the evil consequences you will have to face when you get to WIN something, CONSTANTLY.


It’s hard to maintain the rank. You will not just enjoy the glory of winning, the luscious reward, reverence and name. But at the same time, the expectation is getting higher and bigger;
the devil will come to whisper,
the haughty in you will start to appear.

ANYHOW, there’s a throbbing potion to heal this crisis.

Once you collapse, you will learn;
Everything is temporary.
Winning is addictive.
Winning is a test from God.
Motivate yourself toward improvement.
Be a nice person.
You’re an IDIOT.


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Me_your said...

great post !!!i love it...learn from ur mistake...


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