Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIIA Dinner 2011: part 1

DIIA 2011 Dinner was amazing! anyone who was in charge for that night, thanks a lot for making the gala a memorable one ^^,
"my favorite part was when the crowd was screaming "SAVE ME!" when we were performing the acoustic version of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence."
You guys had just made my dayy!!

(I was introducing my awesome fellow members, [from left;] Faishal and Yaya ^^,)

Thanks Yaya and Faishal coz u guys had give me another cool experience onstage! U guys are a great performer ^^, so i was more like an extra handbag!

and not to mention to those who's the backbone of the event, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! [and I love the mug souvenir ;P]

Hey, there's a lot more to tell, so

-chronology, pictures, etc will coming up for next post [if n only if I'm in the mood of writing, I'll write more about the night, let's hope the heat is still on ~~,]



Azizi wRotE said...

perh.....ko nyanyi ap

Aiza4t said...

bring me to life-Evanescence :P


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