Monday, July 25, 2011

Fact vs Assumption

many people are busy sharing this with everyone through Facebook and blog

But this one had also grab my attention. It's sorta the respond to the first conversation.

Sampaikan ilmu walaupun hanya sepotong ayat. Ada org cakap, "kalau ilmu tak penuh di dada, x payah la nk tegur2 org, cermin la diri ckit.."
Kalau nk tunggu ilmu penuh di dada, smpai ke liang lahat pon x kan penuh, psl ilmu Allah itu maha kaya.

It's hard [or you can't] force people to believe in your beliefs, even it's solid proof that your belief is undeniable.

"setiap agama itu benar. kalau kita percaya Islam, kita percaya lah,tapi kita tak boleh kata agama lain itu salah, dan tidak mengikut syara"
[this is the words of one of my goodfriend back when I was in high school]

At first sight, this statement are both win-win yet vague. But I don't know, there's is something in me revolting, something is wrong, but I don't know what stand am I holding on for having such second thought.
You know why? It's bcoz I'm lack of knowledge, I'm lack of fact to prove that there are impurities beneath those words.

Religion is the core of our life. My belief is Islam. I have to say that, I'm not a perfect slave to Allah, but that doesn't mean I have to stay unequipped, because everyone is perfectible :)


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