Monday, July 4, 2011

So, here's what you missed on Glee..

The last time I madly in love with a TV series was

until my Facebook name is Aizat Archibald and up until now everyone keeps yelling 'hey, Archibald!' and 'is that aizat archibald?'. I don't care if they are mocking or making fun of me or what, but it occurred to me like everyday n I like it :P

LOL I know, the fact that Nate Archibald is one idiot stud with 'okay, it's a secret' and 2 minutes after he just blew it, is undeniable, but that's the second. The first point is, Gossip Girls is the series that just take me away from the sad and chaotic reality for 40 minutes and, drive me wasted, sinned in the upper east side, and just act rich, and bitchy.

And here's is the so-last-year Aizat who is just beginning to watch

season 2 =,= Well, I met another Archibald in Glee, which is Sam Evans. I always wish I am as hot as Nate but lets get down to earth he's too hot so I go for the uglier role, Sam [coz I reckon he looks like the hunk version of perez hilton].

Other dudes might stick the poster of footballers because they worship the players' skills and embrace their passion with the games but so do I but in a slight different perspective. Trust me I'm picky in choosing my role model. Mostly its based on their character, physical appearance, voice and caliber.

I can say that both Archibald and Evans kinda reflects 'certain' part of my traits :P
"I am as idiot in making decision as Nate, and as secrecy as Sam either."

GOSSIP GIRL is best in it's own way with the scandalous dramatic high fashion style, while Glee is at best when I can sing along, cry, laugh [especially Brittany :P] and so much more teenagers high school life. Its fun learning their culture and 'language' throughout the series.

I have like bunch of human resources past-years question to be done, and tons of financial formula to be practiced for next week test 1. So, lets get back to reality and Aizat, you'll get to spend 40 minutes of Glee before you sleep as a reward :P


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