Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadhan post: lay low

"Bro, slow2 r brubah pon, tak kan nk aggresif brubah, gilerr kot"

Bukan la agresif, but make slightly drastic is good enough. But, kalo waktu malaikat maut nak cabut nyawa kita, kte bleh sroh die chillax, why not nk lay low je kn?

"Bro, this is me and you can't change it. you're not perfect enough to correct me, I'm not drastically change because of you,"

Some people let their ego dominate their decision making, make them bias in accepting advice from whom. Don't worry about me if I'm not perfect, coz everyone is perfectible.

pesanan kepada penulis, muhamad amirul aizat bin mohd sahid
"renung2 kan la, dan selamat beramal."

this is one famous quote but, don't just say it without a real vision.


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