Saturday, October 15, 2011

E.T. I.T. & Us :Online Shopping Tips

Nowadays technology accomplishment had literally resulted in fatal damage on my brain until I falsely thought internet is the new oxygen! I only lost the connection for like 24 hours and I lose my sanity already HAHAHAHA. Human’s capillaries are filled with blood. As for me, my capillaries are filled with bytes of data that keep me alive, mrepek tak? Alien apa aizat nih..?

, here's a proof on how technology had brought dancing and choreography onto next level.

Guess that our trait are mutating to adapt the current atmosphere huh? Or I’m just another IT victim? =,-

That is kind of true!
Here are some situations:

Most of the transaction can be done virtually. Over the counter is way too traditional yet I reckon that is still an efficient method to have a direct contact transaction ;P Online transaction somehow can be an interesting alternative for those who don’t really have the time to shop around.

Let’s take myself as an example; I’m a BUSY student who study in a collage somewhere at Perlis [busy la sangat =,- padahal psl gua study kat Arau yg sgt la jauh dri tmpat2 nk shopping huhuhu ~~, ] yet I can still buy an android phone, shirts, some Supra, and even food; (I bought some dry powder of cheesy pepper sauce hehe ;P) through internet.

Not only for shopping, I also pay my internet bill and college fee via online banking. FYI, POS Malaysia website offers facility for paying bills with many associations, which is favorable for everyone.

FOR SHOPPING, it is very convenient to have an online banking account. It’s okay if you don’t have an internet banking account, because most of our local online shops accept cash deposit method.


1. Be sure to check on the online shop condition; by reading the comments from previous customers, HALAL cert. (food), company’s registration code, etc. If there are lots of court-usable data, it is safe then.

2. BEWARE! We must be very careful especially when we are buying electronic devices because we can’t physically inspect them.

If you wanna buy gadget over the internet, you must be brave enough to bare the possibility that it will took some time for the after service process; like if you wanna return your broken device which still within the warranty period for repairing. If you’re buying ORIGINAL products, there’s no problem then.

3. AVOID FROM BUYING STUFF DIRECTLY FROM ABROAD (especially from China ohohoho :P) If you wanna by stuff from out of the country, there are lots of local agent and dealer over the Facebook. Just deal with them.

4. DON’T FORGET TO ASK FOR TRACKING CODE! Normally a good seller will right away send you the tracking code once he had send the parcel. It’s important to have the code so that you can track down your package. You know, sometime you just can’t wait to receive it HAHAHA [I know that feeling ;P]. By having the code, you can check the current location of your package at the courier website.

5. Don’t forget to thanks the seller once you have receive the parcel ^^,

OUCH, my brain is drained already =,-
Looks like that’s all for this post. HAVE A SAVE ONLINE DEALING! :]

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