Sunday, November 6, 2011

exam result: NEVER SAY NEVER, YEAH! ^^

You know what the untalented feel when they look at the talented? UNCOMFORTABLE! Mariah Carey, and even Greyson Chance make it look easy to sing but it's not! And look at all the Korean celebrity! They are like bunch of programmed dolls, move around beautifully, and the guys are dancing like robot =,- pfffttt~SERIOUSLY?


"ENOUGH WITH YOUR UNGRATEFUL THOUGHT, AIZAT lets make an official review about your exam result!

Again, everything is AS SAME AS LAST SEMESTER!
the exact SAME pointer [=,-]boringggg~


-no C
-surprisingly I got an A/- for the both killing Finance FIN320,FIN324 HUWAAA~YEAH! ^^ (as a noob in finance, I'm surprised!)

-surprisingly I got a B+ for both Human Resource and Entrepreneur #@$@#%*&%#!! (as theorist, it's a disgrace to myself!)

-CGPA gua jatoh ke 3.50 FLAT! sumpah x bleh blah dowh GILERR $#@$* BAHAYA! kalo 4flat xpela kann haha


I hardly tell everyone that I'm no good in calculation but I'm a god in theory. Then, came the REAL GOD proved me that I'm totally WRONG when it happened that everything is in opposite. So, the conclusion is,

(.....krikkk...krikkk..krikkk.... =,-!!!)



"NEVER say that you are not good in something when it NEVER been proven so."

LOL what with all the purple font? What am I, a BELIEBER?? HUAHAHAHA ^^

YES YOU ARE, duhhh.. =,-"

p/s~ congratulation to my sister for getting her first dean listed result :)



Anonymous said...

tahniah.. dL lagi.. haha

Aiza4t said...

thanks whoever you are ^^

DzuLagiL said...

hidup x slalu indah...

teruskan usaha yg baik!

Aiza4t said...

yes, betul tu zul..pengalaman mendewasakan kita kan? haha :P

DzuLagiL said...

bak kata beiber..(camne entah eja nama budak nie...)
never say never

Aiza4t said...

BTOL3 ;)


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