Tuesday, November 8, 2011

when you look them in the eyes..

Let me quote something by Shakespeare;[Shakespeare, really? There seems to be a great deal of debate over the origins of the phrase heheh :P]
"eyes are the windows to the soul."
It's the eyes that show the truth, appreciation, agony, angry...

, there is something similar in their eyes but I couldn't figure out what the pulling force is!
Emm, I don't know;
sepet? small? sharp? HELP ME OUT!

It's was that hazel eyes that caught me at the very first sight, not the acting. She wrote two novels as she expressed what has been seen through that eyes and carve the words as Elixir and Devoted so that everyone can see through her fantasy and perspective. Thanks HILARY DUFF.
p/s: I'm still in chapter 1 of Elixir huhu ~,~

Forget about the already-famous Hugh Jackman, without this 'perfect kid'(as claimed by the director, Shawn Levy), Real Steel heat will just stay in the cinema; the end. It was DAKOTA GOYO that keeps people google-ing and talking about the movie even after 2 days they step out of the cinema. The DANCE, the talking, the expression, the smile, the eyes; you name it. As what Bella said, "two word; excessive cuteness."

which portrayed as Brittany S. Pierce, shadowed by Britney Spears was so upset about that fact LOL ^^[read both of their name together, then you'll know :P]. The permanent smile-eye make me glued on her like every time I watch Glee! Stuck in a 17 years old body, with the brain of a 5 years old girl, hyperly talented as PCD when she dance , she totally make Glee even more entertaining [not to mention, the Britney Spears and Ke$ha tribute was AWESOME!].

Ermm, no comment about ZAC EFRON ~~,
a pair of perfect sea-blue eye,
he is just plain beautiful.


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