Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Xperia Ray: 'Rei' of Light

in favor of Yaya~

"Yaya, aq try my best to suggest, Xperia Mini/Pro cm dah rmai org gune, Xperia Neo V, not bad which can be put in your list :P emm, Samsungs; sume segi empat tepat (well except for Nexus and some other model..) design sangat plain and x cute n x vogue haha, Samsung GALAXY S2; high-ended and expensive of coz ~~, Xperia Arc/s xde secondary camera =,- HTC; aq kurang gemar psl almost all HTC kt blakang dok tulis 'HTC' gile bapak besaq~so my suggestion is Xperia Ray; design, speed, camera, etc. you name it. Ray got it all :)"

ko minat arc ek? well the best closest to arc sememangnya Xperia Ray ~~, ..but ray sememangnya way much better and cheaper than arc/s. Here's a hunch for a rough review..


from left: Arc, Ray, Mix Walkman

believe it or not, pixel capacity ray lagi tinggi dri arc! so ray pnye display lagi tajam..ray 297ppi while arc only 233ppi je [~,~]


tapi kalo ko x mao same dengan aq, ray banyak je color yg cute and some of them look even glamorous and handsome. aq suggest ko amik either Gold, Pink, or silver. aq plan nk amik either putih or hitam..as for black die special ckit, psl backcover bukan plastik mcm yg laen, but matte back ala2 getah for a better hand-grip.

"alluring glamorous look of Xperia Ray Gold"
available in black, white, pink, and gold.

-Surprise, "ray" comes from the word "beauty" in Japanese-

According to Nishimura, the name "ray" was chosen because it sounds similar to the word "rei" in Japanese, meaning beauty. To the non-Japanese, the name is also used to represent the side of the phone as a ray of light to project a thinner, premium feel.

credit; [http://asia.cnet.com/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-xperia-ray-62210425.htm]

CAMERA QUALITY: Xperia Ray vs Galaxy S-II

<--xperia ray-samsung galaxy S2-->

and 1 more thing, camera Xperia Ray is way much better than Samsung Galaxy S2..especially dalam low light or malam..check out the picture sample..and best of all, BRAVIA Mobile Engine is the X factor to be credited ;)


SIZE:Arc vs Ray

As for size, I would prefer Ray because it's pocket-friendly and not too big unlike Arc. But it's up to your personality. Of coz Ray is suite most for women. But ever since Ray is a new plant from the seed of Arc it's not a problem for men to use it ;P

Phone is like purse for girls, so the size sometimes matter because it's like one of the accessories that reflect their personality.




yaya said...

oh mai god. thank you so much aizat for the trouble. explanation mmg tepat dan padat. huhuhu. really really appreciate it dear. :)

Aiza4t said...

aq actually dh lame x update blog psl kering kpale hotak, dh alang2 ko tanye psl nih, and aq pon mmg ade plan nk bwt review, so why not kan? ;P

ciklinde said...

jatuh cinte ngn ray <3 <3

Aiza4t said...

so do I! coz it's plain beautiful ;)

SHaRfynaRz SHaRfniE said...

thanks =) , btw , handfon nhe sama pula ngan kawan sye pnya , hehe ,


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