Saturday, December 31, 2011

Basic VS Advanced!

New Year shit is everywhere but I'm nowhere near coz I don't really give a damn =,-

There's something really bothering me! I'm really confused since it occurred to me that Novo7 Advanced is literally the better one but I bought Novo7 Basic instead =,- Bwerh! of coz the word 'Advanced' would've explain everything but I didn't buy it. I'd never really experience ICS before, so of coz I'm craving for one, and Novo7 Basic can give me that ;P

Novo7 Basic is built with ICS, the tablet interface is beautiful and fresh, empowered with MIPS chip, 1gHz and super saving battery, 8gb; it's a great deal for an entertainment tab.

why must you be MIPS, not ARM?! grrr.. [=,-]!"

I went through the forum and I just found that Novo7 Basic faced lots of problems when it comes to installing apps because most of the cool apps like Skype, Youtube, Opera, MSN, Facebook isn't really compatible with MIPS, because they were specially made for ARM =,-

The old Novo7 Advanced might be old and ugly with the rusty plain Gingerbread interface, but the deal wasn't really about the look, but it's power instead. Empowered with ARM chip, any apps is compatible to be installed unlike MIPS. Trust me, it's speed and performance make this tab act like the economy replacement for iPad2.

The only reason that can cheer me up is the fact that ICS ROM for Novo7 Basic is still in cooking so of coz this issue will be taken into account. Plus, I heard that Skype is developing the better version of Skype to be fit in the MIPS android device. Plus, Novo7 Basic is like the 1st world ICS tab, so they better make it worth a buy.



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