Sunday, December 25, 2011

iPads and Galaxy Tabs alternatives?!

an Ipad2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be cool for a Christmas present huh? :P
But that would be quite lots of pennies to be spent, even for Santa ~~,

say NO to Apples?
Apple products are no doubt claimed to be the best or first mover in it's own league of IT stuff and shit, but it's pretty bothering to stuck in all your medias and stuff ONLY through iTunes and that's the only door opens. Worst, the only channel is your very own laptop only, no other PC can be used! or else your device will be wrongly synchronized and all the data will be erased, pfftt =,-
Call me stupid, coz I let go my iPhone 4 just because of this shit.

Android Rules!
As for Galaxy Tab, or Zooms, [yeah, you too Kindle Fire ~,~], things are easier where you can just directly transfer all the data easily, plug and play. Thank God, there's Android that makes things easier and highly customize.

Here comes the problems..
Yet again, due too my circumstances of money stability, it's a no for me to own both [either one la hehe] of them [iPad? ewww..]. BUT, thanks to all the innovative, jealousy, or should we call it as a healthy competition, there are quite some not-bad or surprisingly-good alternatives to these two ultimate tablet king and queen.

Trust me, to play safe we are not going for any random no-name China trash, because I've been fooled once hahaha and that's not gonna happened again ~~,

So, how about a round of applause to the nominees!

Viewpad 10

First of all, Viewsonic is not a random company from China, because it's a USA company which most likely claimed to be a quite innovative competitor. For the gamers or IT freaks, Viewsonic is quite famous in products like LED LCD Monitors, projectors, 3D cameras and stuff.

Well, here are some killing point that she have:
-it runs both Window 7 [home premium] or Android [2.2 upgradable to Honeycomb] to suite your lifestyle.

-More than 10 services center throughout Malaysia.

-it cost you less than RM1000 [price may differ for each supplier; RM800++ if you're lucky enough to find one]

-1Ghz Processor, Nvidia Tegra 250 Dual Cortex Mobile empowered. So Android HD games would be no problem at all.

-basically it's like a notebook minus the keyboard, plus the multi-touch sensitive touchscreen.

-other official specs, you can check them HERE.

PERSONALLY, I would love to own this 10 inch tablet since it's very convenient for me as a student. I can use the Window 7, which everyone is familiar to when I wanna do my academic stuff, and I can merely switch to the light Android OS whenever I wish for an entertainment tablet! Like Hannah Montana, you gotta 'Best Of Both World!'

NOVO7 Basic

NOVO7 Basic is doubtedly cheap, claimed to be the world 1st Tablet to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream, and with RM550++ cash in your pocket, it's all yours. Even though is a China company[LOL i gave up about the stay-away-from-China-product things hohoho ~,~], this product was sold like hot pancakes in UK and China. The 7 inch tablet received quite a positive warm welcome throughout the forums either.

[the packaging ]

-Android Honeycomb, 1Ghz Processor, 8GB internal storage
-Gameloft genuine game installed.
-Dual cameras [2mpxl back camera, 0.3mpxl front]
-300 hours of standby and 7 hours of surfing web [I can't guarantee this one ~~,]
-enjoy full HD1080 videos smoothly

-no bluetooth

a review video of NOVO7 Basic that will make you instantly fell in love with it!

To me, NOVO7 Basic is a great deal against it's price and one of a hell interesting entertainment tablet. The review on it's capability of running HD games and HD videos are all over the Youtube, just check them out and judge it yourself, coz I'd just learned to know this tablet to be a surprisingly cheap vs it's high ended specs. So, not much I can say because I plain LOVE it ~~,

GOD! I'm tired already! huahahaha It's a non-stop writing and research like 4 hours ~~,
I guess, that's all for today ;P

As the conclusion, these 2 tablet is the close to best economic alternatives to iPad and Galaxy Tab, personally thought. It's undeniable the original king and queen always deserve the credit for being the trigger or innovation factor, but hey, it's cool to have so many option in the market and we just need to be smart in choosing what best for ourself considering our budget and purpose of buying a tablet ;)



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