Thursday, January 26, 2012

WEDDING lecutrer-lecturer saya

Isn't it interesting? Both are my Finance lecturer. They don't just teach us about financing, but also educate us how to live and survive as a student, people, and even as a teen ;P AND NOW THAT THEY ARE MARRIED, we couldn't be more happier ;D

Well, the wedding was full of joyous, smile, thankfulness, and a lot of friends too ;P Many students from every side of the peninsular went down to Taiping to join the walimatul urus, celebrating the happy couple first point of their interesting future ahead, and not to forget us, the INVESTMENT ANALYSIS STUDENTS ;D

We coincidentally arrived at the very same time as the male bride, Mr Khairul Zhariff. Surprisingly Yuzwan and me got the honored to hold the hantaran as we walk in the female bride house along with the rombongan.

Here's the full view of the couture.

and not to forget, to Miss Farehan, my human resource lecturer [or Mrs Farehan for a proper address ~~,]. CONGRATULATION to you too whose wedding on the same date as mrs elliany and mr khairul ;)


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