Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bila aku study lama-lama...

you can chain me at the table, but I can never last for than 2 hour ~~, So, I'm taking a break now.

I'm having the second test of fixed income n security paper tomorrow night. The subject isn't that complicated. I just need to follow the steps and remember it. The more I try to question the steps, the stupid I feel I am. So don't mess with it ~~,

Well, in this race, I need to fight on my own. Be as less dependence as possible, yet be smart at the same time; which to depends on, which not to. You can't lean on your friend like 24/7 because they have their own fight, their own mission.


Actually, revision is the real break for me. I'm taking a break from the fucked up world, my boring routine, bunch of diabolic douche, and anything that make me go "bitch pleaseee"

p/s~I'm not the only horse in race, so I can't lay down for picnic for long. Gotta go, FIGHTING! ^^

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