Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've been watching Prison Break like non-stop! Well, of coz I'm amazed with the storyline and how genius Michael was in breaking out the jail and stuff, but that's just it. Nothing more.

But spending the whole season watching Prison Break is not as same as Gossip Girl. I just need to watch one episode of Gossip Girl and I'm all over the moon! I feel like I was really there. The tense, the character, the gadgets, the songs, clothes, EVERYTHING!

Gossip Girl is all about branding. Throw any new shit in it and POOF! There's the new black. Tell me about it, HP, Vera Wang, Florence and The Machine, and not to forget, Leigton Meester! (of coz as for Vera Wang and HP are only for re-heat haha)


so, that's all. That's the only things that I've been doing lately =,- Watching tv series, SLEEP, Prison Break, SLEEP, Prison Break, SLEEP.....zZZzzzzzzZZZzzz

p/s~Trust me, if there's no Gossip Girl, Facebook, and Prison Break, I could've found the cure for AIDS and cancer ;P



yongfarehah said...

u shold try pretty little liars. i'm stuck with tvd now. guess gossip girls is next :D

Aiza4t said...

really? ;P aq pun stuck dgn tvd ni aishhh ~,~


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