Saturday, February 4, 2012

THE Day is coming! ^^

"Trust me, I must have bored everyone with the idea of going karaoke...
because I've been inviting everyone and most likely all of them is a no go ~~,
Sorry about that, eh.."

Of course all I wanted is to scream out loud with my peeps and pop some beers (nahh, of course NOT! ;P), but I have no car (which would be easier if I have one, when that idea pop in my mind I'll just, 'girls, let's go have some fun, hop in!), my wallet is a month old dust, and i have dozens of obligation on my shoulders.

Plus, Maulidur Rasul is around the corner and I should have do something like, REPENT! Lately, I've forgotten that he is my only LOVE, our true love. The guy that love us without even knowing our names, our faces; yet he went through a hell of obstacles just to ensure that the syiar stays on track to be delivered to the future generation, US.

HAVE A HEART, aizat. Don't hurt yourself. Don't disappoint HIM.

FORGET KARAOKE! Let's feel the heat of Maulidur Rasul and SHOW SOME LOVE.



yang salehah said...

So,what exactly did u do on maulidur rasul??

Aiza4t said...

Ermmm...thankful i guess ~~,

but there are like a lot of activities held by the college, and i did fit SOME of them in my schedule hehe ;P


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