Thursday, February 16, 2012

PART 6: Dinner Co-Exias

find me if you can! ;P
This is us, the 2012 part 6 Co-Exias. I'm glade that this picture is framed. Almost everyone are in it.


from left: me, ummie, yana, dean, sara, natee

roommates time part 4: rider, yuzwan & me

roommates time part 5: me, meor & yuzwan

I published the TEASER of the montage I'd been workin' on, so...HERE'S THE

Full Final Montage ;)

So how was it? ~~,
I was so nervous when it was played. It's my first MASTERPIECE THAT'S PUBLICLY VIEWED! The video portrayed my last expression and creativity in dedicating our memories with the whole member of co-exias.



Amanina said...

nice video ;) tersenyum kat sini sorang2 haha

Aiza4t said...


God, it's soooo good to hear from you ;D

aizat pun trsenyum lebar dpt komen dri sahabat lama maresmal ;)


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