Monday, February 20, 2012

review of the day: FUNNAYH

This is crazy, I feel like my head is going to explode! I'm crazily hyper and happy!
And the craziest part is, it happen for no reason ~,~


1. I did some copycat on preferred stock ;P I figured the answer was wrong then I corrected them and I'm HAPPY FOR THAT! ^^

2. I was watching Prison Break while eating some choc moist, then I saw this icy beer in the freeze when Scofield bli barang kt kedai hardware dlm cite tuh. GODDAMN, I'M SOOO THIRSTY. (okay, xde kaitan but the picture is hilarious^^)

3. Out of the blue, I grab some cash and get down to Mushroom and buy some yogurt drinks. And the craziest part was I'm in my T and kain pelekat, with no glasses, no watch, no wallet, no ID

pastu smpai kedai runcit sume dok ushaa plek, and I was like "Hi, this is Paris Hilton and you're watching V." Bajet vogue and confident la! x penah tgk org pkai kaen plekat ka? =,-

4. I'm not that extreme punn..The last time I checked, it was Ashlee Simpson when she put on a silk shower robes for red carpet ~,~

P/S~okay, my brain juice is depleting, gotta save some for tomorrow ~~,


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