Saturday, February 11, 2012

SNEAK PEEK of dinner montage

I've been workin my ass out to finish this video like 5 hours non-stop! Well this video is just 40 seconds, the real video length like 2-3 minutes and it took way longer than that to finish it!

I have to admit, the process of making the video is fucking complicated for a first timer like me! Thanks to Yuzwan for the script, Muzakkir for the camera, Ujay for the shooting, and everyone whose starred in this montage!

I have to say that this is something that I'm proud of ;P



Yuzwan Alli Napiah said...

Honestly, it's beautiful.

Aiza4t said...

big THANKS :-D

yang salehah said...

really really awesome!!!
am so PROUD of all of you people!!

Aiza4t said...

hehehe THANKS ;)

SERIOUSLY, i'm SOOOO happy to hear it from you. I'm GRATEFUL that you are part of our memories too ;D


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