Sunday, March 11, 2012

final EXAM!

it's going to be a hectic month, because it's MARCH! Which mean, it's final exam. =,-

Okay just a few words about my birthday ;P it's in March, which a few hours more until my birthday haha and I'm not looking for any kind of dirty prank, because I'm a freak. I don't like it. It suppose to be fun, but I'm not in to it. The hardcore birthday prank that I got was just gotten my hair dirt with fabric detergent; and it's only once, PERIOD.

Back to the real story,
So much to do so little time! Okay, it's actually isn't that much, as in the syllabus and chapters, it's just that, parties, games, movies; defined my MUCH.

I'm nervous for final exam for sure, but the heat is not as scorching as my friends. I'm a lay low and cool kind of guy HAHA. But I'm afraid I might end up to be plain stupid.

The less you do the less you will get. I wish the lesser the effort, the larger the output.
like so-call genius or smart learning gitu kaedahnyaaa..BERANGAN

But hey, I've been doing this for 5 semester and everything is just plain safe and satisfying HAHA.

But how long do I wanna play safe?
I'm a freak, so 'normal' is not in my book. Let's get extraterrestrial!


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