Thursday, March 15, 2012


I seldom talk about my LOVE life. But love is just indescribably beautiful element ever exist, and I couldn't resist to talk about it.

It's going to be a cheap talk because I'm going to write like a 10 years old boy writing a blog post ^^

I have lot's of favorite girls.

But my heart stealer is so one in a million.
She is;
-Interesting in personality and confident,
-wearing hijab and acceptably fashionable,
-boyish yet polite,
-clumsy yet confident in making decision,
-comfortable whenever I'm around and so do I.

IMPORTANTLY, we are both comfortable whenever we are together. She can eat as shabby it can get even in front of me [unlike other girls yg control2 gitu, "duh, the food is delicious!" as she smiled at me.

GROSS! this is getting lame! Enough of this already aizat!

If Allah fate us to be together, as in until the world end, aku redha.
namun, jika Allah gantikan dia dengan wanita lain, juga aku redha.
Aku berniat untuk jadikan si dia pasangan hidupku yang halal, moga Allah redha.


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