Saturday, March 31, 2012

photoShoot [updated]

UPDATED 1/4/2012
sUP Uolss! So here's the judge's pick for my shoot.

They like this one more, so this is my best shot huhu. Personally, I still prefer the one that I posted yesterday, because there's more X factor rather than this one, the stilt-me huhu ~,~
But still LOVE IT!! thanks again, Muz ;)


thanks to Muz.
this is the only far i can do huhu ~~, I'm not a professional. It's a shot for fun ;P

Actually, this is a not-yet-to-be-released picture hahahaha,
because they're having some trouble choosing my best shot. ~,~ [i'm not even sure if this is the best picture, bcoz they don't really have much photo of me looking good sob2] Personally, i love this picture because it's the only picture that I'm full of expression n energy, as compared to yg laen cm sumpah patung nk mmpos hahaha

This is Syahir, the other model during that shot. His official best photo:

untunglaa, die encem dan comey, so he got like tons of beautiful pictures.


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