Tuesday, March 6, 2012

THINGS TO THINK before "pergi kelas"

I was all over the moon when I got myself my first pair of Supra. Yes, they look cool on me, but that was when the Bieber Fever rage like the in-thing at that moment. I was crazy about skinny pants, hoodies, Radi and stuff. It's a normal combination if you put them on for classes.

But think again, I'm wearing Radi to class, as in a class in UiTM Arau Perlis, as in a rural university in the middle of nowhere! Here is the place where people just get in their plain T, lousy jeans, slipper...TIME FOR SCHOOL!

As for now, I just love to put on something trendy, but I take comfortable into account.

Does people gaze their eyes on you?
Does it hurt your feet?
Does it make you look hot, or you are just sweaty hot?

I don't wanna be a VICTIM.

Whatever I'm putting on, I'm in need of look confident and comfortable. It's funny when I remember how crazy I was, EXPERIMENTING ~,~


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