Tuesday, April 10, 2012


GOSH, this is crazy! Drop off the formality and beautiful words, I'm here to rant out my agony of making decision!

I never feel this way before. IMPORTANT. You know, when so many people counting on me. HEHEHE. People keep on asking, text message, facebook ;P persuading, hoping that I can make it.
it's not something to be proud, anyhow! It's an obligation to be fulfill, instead.

I had just decide not to go back to Arau due to my health condition bcoz I might end up puking in the bus ~~, It's a long journey and my body is not so well. Plus I just started to indulge the holiday with my family [all the fight, laugh and stuff ;P] I only started to get overwhelmed and get out of the boredom from my nothing-to-do list.

Here comes the public awareness and obligation.
I'm absolutely oblige to provide training to the club. No matter how good or lack of quality my contribution is, I ought to lend a hand.

It's burdensome actually to drag my fat-ass from the middle of peninsular all the way back to the north border of the country! But I have to say, there are lot's of excitement and positive pressure waiting for me :P

WRITING MY RANTS HAD ACTUALLY SORT OUT MY CONFUSION! So, I solemnly decide that I'm going to ARAU tomorrow [to be exact this morning] Insya Allah :)


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