Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Say hello to baby Luca! ^^, 
he's 2 weeks old in this picture :)

Why the hell am I posting this baby picture? because this is not just another baby, it's Hilary Duff's baby! As a die hard fan, I'm truly happy for her ;D

It would take the whole day to tell you how special Duff is in my life. Ask my high school mate about me and Duff, and they will go 'wake up wake up on a Saturday night!'

Lizzie McGuire was just the beginning. Up until now, I'm reading Elixir, and soon I'll get her latest book, Devoted. She is undeniably a good writer, public figure, spokesperson, entrepreneur, and inspiring in may ways. 

She's [one of] the reason I'm writing this blog.
XOXO for Hilary Duff.


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