Saturday, April 7, 2012

just a letter

I'm considering myself as:

a strong person because I've been through lot's of test and difficulties yet, here I am breathing and smiling, I passed.

a smart person, because I'm not easily letting myself to be fragile and let people get into my mind, owning my soul, stealing my heart, and crush it from the inside. [ Yes, I'm talking about love ^^, ] Yeah, sometimes, I do let myself to be unarmed because it's boring and I need some drama.

Rational. Anything that is less promising for a long term benefit, is out of my list.

Promiscuous. Cheap. SOMETIMES! only when I'm bored. Since I'm a smart person, I'll back on track whenever I'm too far.

"So do whatever you want. Word can't bring me down. Please bother to shoot me with your keyboard because I have a real gun here, pointing at you."


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