Monday, April 23, 2012


This song keep on playing all day long. It brutally resonate my heart in a quite funny way. Yes, I'm so lonely yet I can still smile. I don't know what does this song mean since it's in Korean. I just love the way 2NE1 sing the song in this video.

The kind of feeling where you are so lonely, but you can still keep up with your career, you can still smile with your achievement so far, and simply turn your lonely into a song and enjoy it.

Well, this is 2NE1.

I love the confidence that makeup give them. Just look at how relaxing, and brilliant this acoustic is.

It's not a bad thing anyway. At least they are purely talented regardless of their looks. All the issues regarding the looks has been taken care off and they can just focus on singing their heart out.

p/s~ I wish I can put makeup that can give me enough confident as a man ;)



yongfarehah said...

my all time favourite! XD

Aiza4t said...

REALLYY?!!! Hi5!!!

hanf tao dak yong, hri ni aq dok pasang lgu tu ja non-stop XD


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