Saturday, April 28, 2012

Movie Reviews

It's great to have an alter ego or bunch maybe (like Nicki Minaj). It's a perfect escape from the reality just for a while. But some people got stuck in their imaginary identity, worst trapped with consequences done by your alter ego. What the hell am I talking? It's this movie, IDENTITY.

The Syiok!

my rating: [7/10]
Identity is just perfect for my midnight movie. A little bit of riddle, the expansion of the plot is not too long, and it keep on developed with lots of suspense and invite us with our own hypothesis on who's the actual killer. Quite predictable but the good thing is, we can only predict the story when it's only like 30 minutes before the story end. So, it's not that heavy because I can still enjoy it with my hot honey. Most of all, THE ENDING IS UNBELIEVABLE AND SURPRISING (*A*)~

 my rating: [8/10]
We Bought A Zoo is a spectacular family movie. There was a scene where you were forced to get mad, but in the very next second, anyone can unbelievably burst into tear. It's a beautiful journey of a father try to do his very best not only for his children, but people's dream too. It's a must watch.

 my rating: [8.5/10]
Sanctum is no doubt a brilliant adventure movies. Breathtaking, and I was literally chocked and drowned in panic. It was a hell of a cave adventure. You can't expect what is going to happen next since we are all trapped in an underground undiscovered cave, with no experience and skills. But above of all, it's a well-plotted movies and absolutely breathtaking and spectacular.

The =,=s

my rating: [5/10]
Sherlock Holmes 2 is suppose to be an entertaining movie, but it's not for me. The story developed too slow with a very heavy idea. Well, what do I expect? It's the famous genius detective, how can a noob like me talk in his his language? It's boring, but I have to it's going to get interesting throughout the movie but I'm not patience enough to wait.

my rating: [3/10]
The Frankenstein Syndrome was quite an interesting and exciting Sci-Fi thriller only for the first 30 minutes. The story went nuts and ridiculously stupid afterward. Well I get the idea, but the actors are too weak to express their character's emotion and end up looking like an amateur high school movies project.



Anonymous said...

bro .. leyh rekemen citer sci-fi len yg bes x ? ..

Aiza4t said...

SURE, i'll let you know once I wrote the post :)


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