Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Neo VS Pro

This post is for you. memandangkan aku pernah guna these phones, so I think it would be nice to share my thoughts. Cuma Xperia Pro je aq tgk kt kedai hohoho ~~, 

Sony Ericsson is no longer in the ring because we have like bunch of brand-new phone from Sony franchise. But the only reason that I love Sony Ericsson is because, the design is totally different for every model which bring variety of looks. They are all fancy and it's as if you're choosing a purse. The new Xperia from Sony; Sola, U, P, S, they are all same in brick-sharp rectangle design, varies by the size and weight, (exception for the transparent stripe for Sola). 

I assume that Xperia Neo, Neo V, and Xperia Pro are sibling, they share the same genetic; so that's why they look alike. But the question is, which one to marry with? 
Neo vs Neo V? Of course Neo V win the competition! The only extra that Neo have, is only the 8 megapixel camera. There's no huge or anything that can be noticed by naked eyes between 8 and 5. 

All other features are basically just the same. Neo V come with a better UI and software. Plus Neo V have the 3D panorama swap thingy, which the old Neo don't have. But I have to say, the speaker quality is not that bad and not really good either. Of course it's not a big deal since we all use earphone to enjoy the music right? 

However the screen is pretty dull (265ppi) and the pixel is not as high as Xperia Ray (297ppi). Not a big deal, but here's a tip, don't use the anti-finger screen protector; use the clear one instead to enjoy a better sharpness. BRAVIA Engine is very helpful to enhance video playback and pictures browsing, because everything look just stunning! But the ugly truth will appear once you transfer the pictures into your laptop. Again, there's no problem, Photoshop/Photoscape is always there to help.


 As for Xperia Pro, I would definitely wanted to own this phone! It's like an upgrade from the Neo. The extra qwerty give you the option to write faster and confident. But like I said, it's an upgrade from Xperia Neo (not Neo V), so it's like an Xperia Neo with extra slice of qwerty. The only deal about Xperia Pro is, it look stunning and good in your hand; while you're touching it, when you are using the qwerty, it's like an additional point to boost your personality and looks. That's what you get when you are using an palm-huge qwerty phone! ;)

Good news,
all these model will get the Android Ice Cream 4.0 update. Kalo ko pandai buat sndiri okay je, tpi kalo malas leh mintak Sony Center tolong updatekan. pasal update file tu agak besaq ngehehe, kalo kt center deorg mesti dah ada update file tu. :P




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