Monday, April 16, 2012

photogenic? think again :P

[NOT] everyone know about this RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC GUY, right? The picture goes viral vigorously in overnight and force him to even deactivate his Facebook account because,...
I don't know why he did that? =,-

He is ZEDDIE LITTLE. He's all over the 9Gag, blog, TV show etc. HE'S EVERYWHERE!


if i were to run a 10km marathon, my face would be like this at the very end of the line ~~,

Not only in still picture, he even look charming in real life!
Just dig the Youtube to watch him interviewed on Good Morning America.

I'm not here to discuss about how phenomenon he is, I'm here to talk about "THE LOOKS". Well, everyone were cute as a baby, but admit it, some people grow uglier.

Yep, it's you Haley =,-

...and some people just grow hotter ~~,

Is that really matter, aizat??
OF COURSE! It's all about the self-care and self-maintenance while we are growing up. IMPORTANTLY, we need to grow up healthy [yeah, that's you again, Haley =,-] and beautiful.
Embrace the beauty essence, and feed your body and soul with the proper nutrient.

But, no matter how your looks are, I'm pretty sure these 2 scenario kinda fit you in ;P


"I wish I'm as photogenic as Zeddie!"
..but what did really happened...

"I'm undoubtedly hot, but why is my picture like a ^%$%#%#$^??"

*well, of course this scenario is not applied for Britney Spears, she's a beautiful woman. [~~,]


"I'm insecure about my face,"

but, wait a minute...



Anyhow, let's hear from the mother of Modelland, TYRA BANKS.

We can seek for perfection in anything that we want [well in this case, having a perfect photo as Little of course! hahahaha], because the kind of effort we are about to channel out, will be full of energy and passion.

But we should never get upset once we didn't reach our goals because we are human. Those failures are only part of the process to make us a better mature person.

"We are all perfect in-progress."



Fiqqi Ahmood said...

i love this article chibald.. huhu~~ nape x letak pic FA as photogedik!! hahah!!!~~~ btw mkan hati na ada pic kakak kita kat last2 sekali. huhu!! mulutups..

Aiza4t said...

honor her as the grand conclusion;p


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