Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pie of commitment

Now that I'm in my holiday, I can devote myself in non-academic stuff like, i don't know, my major interest like my hobby! Okay, what's my hobby? hmmm..

Forget about that! What I really wanna talk is about commitment.

Let's cut to the chase. I'm dilemma of love. Being in love consume more than half of our judgement. If we're not smart enough, most of our life will be all about our love life; minus our family, career, hobby, friends etc. This is sucks because our commitment is no longer balanced.

I'm not really sure about myself. Either I fall for someone or I'm a thinker who's judging the world of love,as in EXPERIMENTING. You know, I'm more like an explorer.

Whenever I try to deal with cupid, it's like to whole world is in earthquake. Things are no longer in their position. Priorities are now shuffled. I started to loose my interest on my hobbies, friends, family and even God. It's only the entrance, and I'm that shaky and vague already?

See, how suck I am, dealing with love among human being.

It's not the time yet. Love life is beautiful, but it's a not-yet things for me. Take it slowly.


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