Tuesday, April 24, 2012

we run the night

I'm pretty sure some of you is here because of Havana Brown. I'm sorry she's not really in the house, but hi5 to those think Havana Brown is super awesomee!!


"They are the people who I get to express my passion in music with,"

Being on stage with them is like a dream come true. Well even though this music thingy is more like a hobby, but hey, it's a fun thing to do and we should keep on doing it in spare time :P

I'm not a great singer, but being with a great singer like Yaya is suppose to get me overshadowed, but I can practically tune her in any song and apparently my voice just fit along with hers! 

As for Faishal, he might not be a guitar god, but he's an angel. I always rearrange songs and HOW MUCH I LOVE DO MASHUP and POOF! He realize them all! Most guitarist tend to get snobbish and develop independently, but not him! He have his own time to brush up his own skill, yet at the same time he can still layan my kerenah ^^, and guess what, because of him, I can even play a guitar now :P

We only have like 2 public performance ~,~ and there's no chance for us to do it again because we are no longer seeing each other. We're done with college so I wish nothing but the best for both of them!


Anonymous said...

wow ... that is versatile!!
i didn't hear u can sing before this

since when?

Aiza4t said...

hi hana!

i only dare to sing out loud when i get into the university bcoz there are lots of channel like friends n instrument. plus, karaoke is very helping hahaha ;P

Anonymous said...

I love you guys as much as I love to sing. Harap sangat dapat jumpa korang lagi,nyanyi. I love you guys so much. Sweet memory with you. Korang lah yang menaikkan level of confidence aku untuk menyanyi in public. Thankssss <3

Aiza4t said...

I can feel you Yaya! how much i hope we can do it AGAIN ;D

Anonymous said...

dan cover yang tak jadi tu akan jadi kenangan manis kita LOL

Aiza4t said...

ABSOLUTELY!! ><, that's our EXCLUSIVE private video ;D


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