Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 things that make me jealous as ****

You know what does drive me crazily jealous as


when my friends do lots of other better things and shit!

1. When I'm studying at a local university and my friends are all over the globe, name it; Japan, Korea, UK, Russia, Australia, Egypt! 

2. When I'm stranded in my room and my friends are having vacation to the wax museum, Disneyland, South Korea, & not to mention, Orlando; HARRY POTTER THEME PARK! fuck.

3. When I'm jobless, and my friends are enjoying their salary with shopping and shit. 

I don't really give a damn actually, coz I should be happy for my friends' achievements, or capabilities. But I have to admit, they are killing me! and the first two are the worst of all. 

 and sometimes I was like;
"you don't even want it man, and you don't even try! why don't you just hand me the ticket?!"  

they can do whatever they want coz I don't give a fuck. It's just that when they accomplish, reach, did, or get something that I terribly want, as if they are stealing my dream, make it come true, and splat it on ma face, like BAMM!

I am a person with an unquenchable enthusiasm in reaching my dream. 
So aizat, just let it be.  

Those are all the coal to burn your spirit, heat up your muscle, to work even more to reach your goals!


yongfarehah said...

yappari... u're my interpretor. heh he... let's make a move!

Aiza4t said...

kannn YONG! sumpah aq tak puas hati dgn depa..hahaha, but that's a positive competition so let's move our ass forward!!


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