Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dear Allah,

today I smiled, I laughed, I prayed, I blushed, I ate, I live my life, and a lot more; which are very pleasing. Alhamdulillah. 

I may not be a perfect Muslim, but I feel like expressing my gratitude to God because there's a lot of love and gratefulness in my heart and I need to show it, and of course it’s through ibadah. 

Again, I’m not a perfect Muslim, because I seldom feel the bliss in doing ibadah. But I sort of felt it lately. Subhanallah! 

This happens like many times yet I kept on losing my ground again and again. I never really stay on track for long, but I'm glad that I can still find my way home, I’m not lost yet. 

Dear Allah, 
please let my stay on the right path a lil bit longer, long enough until my last breath :)


Izyan Hamizi said...

Praying for the same thing.. let's all stay on this right path till the end :)

Aiza4t said...

Insya Allah :)


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