Thursday, May 3, 2012

pabila musibah menimpa Malays...menimpa aku

The last event was a huge wake up call for me. I used to wonder, why would some people recite, "Alhamdulillah," when they were in this crisis or an unfortunate event? It's a disaster and they are thankful for it? They must be crazy. 

But think again. When we are going through the hard phrase, all that we need, instead of support from the people around us and in need of solution, there will be a point where we are left alone, and eventually we need someone to count on, someone to talk to; and there's God.

He gives us faith, he gives us love, he gives us HOPE. 
It unfortunate if we only count on God when we are in trouble. We ought to share the happiness and joy with Him too. Lend Him our money, our energy, our time. And soon, He will pay back to us in double or more.

MATHEMATICALLY REASONING, every time we are in musibah, indirectly we will spend more time with God, reminded to Him. But, we should bare in mind that every silver lining is also from him. 

We shall never forget, everything happened either good or bad, it's all tuned with Allah's plan for the Kosmos. 

"We are just a small particle of dust, passing through an undiscovered underground cave."

So wake up AIZAT!
Wake up PEOPLE!

p/s~  other than Alhamdulillah, we normally recite Masya Allah if there is any musibah.


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