Friday, May 25, 2012

the traffic in my brain

There’s traffic in my head; Things-to-do, random thoughts, dreams, nightmare, plans, promises, stuff.

1. I’m afraid of what I might become tomorrow. Rumors, expectations, myths, dreams; make my definition of tomorrow to be a terrific future. Jobless, make more money, end of the world, fall in love, treat my parents well, etc.

2. I’m scarce of TV show.

3. There’s nothing to motivate me not run the night, sleep in the morning and wake up in noon. Going to the mall used to be a motivation, but not anymore.

4. My bookshelves is full with beautiful untouched books.

5. When my soul is fading away, I’ll put on any music to revive my soul back to full tank. Music and comedies really do work as an instant remedy.

6. I feel like living in an English hideaway cottage.
7. I like Adele and Duffy kind of music. It's refreshing for my morning tea.
8.  I miss Hogwart, and I miss missing it.

6. I feel like living in an English hideaway cottage.


Amanina said...

selalu doakan Allah bawak kita along the right path. hehe :) be positive, insya-Allah kita dpt terima what we are tomorrow dgn redhanya :)

Aiza4t said...

THANKS nina..i'm feeling better now :D

yes, the future really is scary, but it's scarier if we are alone, with no guidance from God.


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