Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how i've been doin' so far...

It's been a while after my last humble personal post, I guess here is another one.
I've been quite busy lately. It's not a secret that I've been doing an online business, and I'm taking it as a profiting distraction from my chaotic priority sorting.

It's interesting actually, the fact that I'm doing it seriously. I'm a business management student. Dealing with a small online business is like taking a sip from the big cup of real business world. Previously, everything is just on paper and theoretical. As for now, I'm carrying my own weight, my own responsibility.

When we are working by our own, as in you are the boss, of course we can do whatever we want; like when to start, where to spend the money on. But I realized, that is not the actual paradise. If I'm screwed, the whole money, effort, will burn pointlessly.

It's good to finally write out the real answer not in the answer sheet.


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