Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends?

recently, I read an article entitled Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends. It inspired me to share some tips that I've been using to survive in Facebook  throughout the day without any pain in the ass.

I respect those who exceed the numbers yet managed to stay mentally sound and stable. You're cool man. You should write a book. [hehe btol, saya tak bergurau. saya menghormati pendirian anda]

Facebook is not healthy when your news-feed is full with the delightful happiness of your friends' life while yours sucks.

Trust me, I'm happy in real life anyhow ~~,
It's no doubt that the statement above is true sometimes, but I choose not to get easily influenced. Let me be the one that drive my life, not someone else.


How to stay happy on Facebook?

1. Update important positive event about yourself as much as possible. Let everything about you, come from you in the first place. You don't want someone else to post a picture of you at the bar with a manipulative caption.

a friend of yours might post a stupid jokes caption like this.
aizat with a hooker.

it should come from you first. 
my supportive bestfriend, Jenny ;)
[of course this kind of situation is not applied for any married man, or any polite Asian or to be exact, Malaysian]

It's very helpful to avoid any scandalous rumors that you don't want it to be a viral.

2. You are what you post. This might sound cheating, but you can shape yourself through your post. If you post about how misery your life is, then your life is a living hell in people's eyes.You can choose to have a happy positive life if you choose to post healthily.

3. Cut out any sources that can make you ungrateful about yourself.
"The more friends you have, the more likely you are to spend your day enviously reading about someone’s paradise vacation, new girlfriend, or job promotion."
(Dilney Goncalves, 2012)
Things are a bit different here in Malaysia. Some people [the so-call HOT SETAPP or HOT SENTAP, that's what they're been called, if I'm not mistaken] just enjoy having like four thousand friends and even have like 3 Facebook account, yet they are not even a celebrity. It's a total exception if there are any talent to be promoted, but most of them got none. Maybe they enjoy having people enviously reading their fabulous life.

4.  You can choose to unsubscribe to any of your friends  with too many hatred in their status, without even unfriend them. Don't let negativity ruins your day.

so just walk away.

5. Don't 'allow' too many apps. Some of them might weekly answer the quiz on your behalf. You don't want to unease your friends when you mess their news feed with unnecessary updates.

These are my way to have a safe social life in Facebook. You may use them.

But if you are against me, I'm furious to know your point of view on why being a HOT SETAPP is in the pink, hahahaha ^^,

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