Wednesday, June 6, 2012

another Pride of Malaysia other than KLCC

"DUBSTEP is brain-damaging. Sounds like dumpster to me LOL ;p
My brother listen to it like non-stop! ARGH!!"

I'm not a fan, but the rhythm is addicting. It force all my muscles to synch along with the beat but once I try, I FAIL! AND THAT'S ANNOYING! Yes, I'm talking about dancing [or just move your body or whatever u call it] ~~,

This alienation of music crush my brain and squeeze out all the juice of sanity and I can't stop from drawing an 8 with my head! It's so funny LOL! The fact that I'm trying some hideous move to embody the music is so FUNNAYH! I never thought I can be this laughable and insane :P

This crew is so damn cool man. They managed to explain the movement of the music with their dance. Some people call them dancing machine [hey, that's HOYA!], but I call them the equalizer bar [lame =,=].

The up and down of music reflected through the dance, and it's super COOL man. They are like the best dance crew in Malaysia I supposed. I'M SO YESTERDAY for only started to love them  now ~~,

Any art performance that's beautifully done can move my heart and I'm crying watching them dancing! It would be an honor to be presenced in the same room where they are dancing. You make Malaysia proud, Elecoldxhot!

This is during the World Supremacy Battleground 2011.


 kids react to DUBSTEP.

So, how do you react to this genre?  

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