Thursday, June 28, 2012

beware of PLAGIARIST!

I know, my problem is not as huge as the PRU-13 issue, BUT

I wrote a blog post.

Then a fan page post about it. I was excited, BUT

The admin plagiarize my blog entry and re-post it 100% without giving me credit, without my PERMISSION. 

open image in new tab for a clearer vision

So I approach the admin nicely,

But the admin refuse to give me credit

and she admit she's A STEALER 

I demand an open apology. But she's very confusing -,- 

defuq do i need to get jealous??

accuse me that I'm seeking for popularity. =,="

I just want her to be responsible for violating my writing!

I know that this problem is not as big as the Malaysian political issue, but should I be as brave as this guy, fighting for my right?? 


AL AZRUL said...

bru wujudkn fanpage yg LIKE x byk mna dah berlagak admin tu... mmg kaki plagiat, alasan tk bleh delete..

Anonymous said...

itula al azrul, kalau dh beribu2 tu xpela la syg nk delete konon2nye

memangla subject pos tu general..kalau dia olah sendiri artikel tu tak kesah, tapi ambil semua bulat2 dari sy punya artikel tnpa kebenaran, mmg x boleh la kann


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